Jindan Sun Stylist

JindanSun001See yourself in a whole new light.

“Wow, I didn’t know I could look this good!”

These are my favourite words from clients when they look in the mirror after I have styled them.

It sums up what I love about being a stylist — to discover why you want to look good (this is always a wonderfully eye-opening process). From this essential understanding of purpose, I define a style category that compliments your inner personality and outer appearance, accompanied by colour, shape and trends. This Styling process leads to an expression of your character and charisma.

As a client, my aim is to make you look good and feel good. And to make it an on-going experience for you, I offer styling tips that you can apply on a daily basis for different occasions. 

For me, style is a beautiful resolution of the tension between look and feel. My Chinese heritage knows this as the Yin and Yang of life. It is not about perfection but an authentic balance between one’s outer expression and inner presence. Style is a state of being, charisma is a state of mind. Finding a balance that’s unique to you is my skill and intuition. This is why my clients always love what they see in the mirror.